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Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience we have put together a list of the most frequently asked storage questions, if you require more specific storage information you can make an on-line enquiry or contact us for a quick response to your questions.

What is the cost of storage?

Storage costs vary on the amount of space that is required. Our handy Space Storage Calculator link at the top of the page will give you an approximate cost of storing in our facility. These figures are intended as a guide only, but over years of experience it is true to say that most people have on average the same types of articles in their homes for any given size. For a more detailed quote please use our convenient and simple On Line Enquiry form at the top of the page.

Do you offer any discounts or incentives for long term storage?

Yes. We are more than pleased to offer our customers a financial reward for supporting us over a longer-term period. Please ask our staff for details.

Do you have any current special offers or promotions?

Yes. Here at Storax we are continually striving to make our storage as affordable as possible. Please follow our SPECIALS link for our current offer!

How do I pay for my storage account?

Our storage fees are paid monthly in advance and may be paid in a variety of convenient ways from cash over the counter to credit cards over the phone. If you require storage for more than one month (which is our minimum term) we will post to you a tax invoice ten days prior to your next required payment.

What are your operating hours and when can I access my goods?

Our operating hours are listed below.

7 AM to 7 PM Monday to Friday
7 AM to 6 PM Saturday
8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Sunday
Office hours: 9 AM to 5PM 7 days a week.

Open all public holidays except Easter and Christmas

Can I purchase packing cartons from Storax Self Storage?

Yes. We stock a comprehensive range of packaging materials, from boxes and tape to bubble wrap and butchers paper at very competitive prices.

Should I purchase insurance cover?

If your valuable goods are insured at home, you would more than likely wish to have them insured while they are in storage. Affordable insurance can be arranged that is especially tailored for the self storage industry. Please ask our staff for further details

Do I need to book ahead?

As there is quite a high demand for our services, it is advisable that once you have decided to entrust your goods to us that you secure your unit with a holding deposit. This will ensure that your chosen space is ready and available when you are ready to transport your possessions into storage.

Are my goods safe from pests?

Our facilities are regularly inspected and sprayed for pests and infestation by a very reputable pest control company. All units are cleaned and air freshened when they are vacated to ensure that you are leasing a clean, safe environment for your valuable goods.

Is there anything that I may not store?

We request that you do not store any flammable, corrosive or perishable items in your unit. Items such as lawn mowers and motor bikes should be drained of all fuel before being placed into storage.

Do Storax Self Storage have facilities for vehicle storage?

Yes we do. All of our facilities have spaces available for car storage and 7 day a week access. Our staff can help you with current availability.

Is it a simple process to end our agreement?

Yes. All we require is seven days notice from you of your intention to remove your goods from storage. A quick telephone call is all that is needed!

Can you accept deliveries on my behalf?

Yes. We will be more than pleased to accept and dispatch goods for you without the need for you to be on site waiting for couriers and transport companies to arrive. All you need do is the relevant paperwork and leave the waiting to us!

Can you help with removals?

Yes. We have formed relationships with a number of reputable removal companies to assist with the transportation of your goods into storage. Just mention that you have been referred by Storax Self Storage for the best available rates!

To contact us:
503 Ballarat Rd, Sunshine VIC 3020
Phone (03) 9300 9830
Melways reference Map 26 G10