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Security Is A Priority

Donít take security of your goods for granted - we donít! At Storax, we have invested heavily in Technology and Systems for greater security of all our storage centres and the goods in storage.

Individually Alarmed Spaces

Storax has installed individual door alarms on all units. The company now has more alarmed spaces than any other company in Australia. Individual door alarms provide you with added peace of mind that intruders will be deterred.

Access Control Systems

P.I.N. Controlled Gate Systems provide added security. Only those with a unique pin code can enter the storage centre. Storax has this feature to limit and control access and ensure greater security.

Daily Lock Integrity Checks

Every day the Storax people conduct a lock integrity check of every storage unit. The lock status and integrity is checked against records. The vigilance of this system means security at Storax is extremely high.

CCTV Systems

We have placed cameras strategically throughout our centre to help us keep an eye on things. The images are recorded and retained for a period to provide the added security.

Security Fencing, Walls and Construction

We even consider security in our design and construction of our storage centre. Our centre has a minimum of a 2.4m high fence, on the boundary, to keep people out. We also build our units in steel, with roller-doors on most units. Roller doors provide better security and privacy than swing doors.


The Storax latches are designed with security as a priority. Your lock is the next best deterrent for intruders. We sell standard brass padlocks that are 40mm; 5 pin cylinder, anti-pick pins, with a hardened steel shackle. On a full production, there are 2700 key changes. In our centre, our latches can accommodate high-security cylinder locks. And of course, you are the only one with the keys.

Security a Priority

Our Company has invested heavily in security systems and security procedures by our staff to add to the security of your belongings while in storage.

Equipped with Closed Circuit Surveillance System

Access Control

Storax has a computer controlled access systems to restrict access to the storage centres, which is often linked to an electronic gate.

Individually Alarmed

All units have a alarm on each storage unit.

Daily Checks

Our staff including visual and lock checks of every unit, every day.

Alarm panel



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